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Oxford Railings is a company specialising in historic architectural cast iron railings and gate systems. Established for over 33 years we have built extensive knowledge in supplying and reinstating authentic replica railings that have been lost since the Second World War in Oxford and throughout the southern counties. Our continued relationships with architects and heritage groups has helped increase awareness and encourage the revival of correct railing reinstatement as a major element, missing from so many important buildings since the last war.

We focus on reproducing historically accurate castings by expanding our exclusive and protected ever growing collection of railing patterns and components. Paramount to us is precision design manufacture and finish with detailed proportion and symmetry, so essential to ensure a pleasing result.

We have over many years earned respect from private clients, architects, surveyors, engineers and specialist builders. Who have also independently helped advise clients about project schedules in matters of planning and suitability concerns within the local environment, using our products. We are of course happy to liaise with your architect, conservation planner, local council or building specialist on how to integrate the railings into your plan.

Oxford Railings principally manufactures and supplies cast iron products only for Oxford and the home counties. We do not produce any steel, aluminium, wrought iron or forged metal items, excepting only the fixing parts of our systems. 

Oxford Railings

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